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Can you name the Doctor Who episode by its Babelfish translation?

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Babelfish EpisodeActual EpisodeLanguage
Driving GameBulgarian
The Unholy DeadSwedish
Invasion of the ChristmasPolish
River Song WeddingLithuanian
The Partition of FormsSpanish
The City Name of MercyPersian
Waters of MarchNorwegian
At the End of the WorldHungarian
The Doctor's Widow, and the WardrobeRussian
Waitress GirlTurkish
Then LuneDutch
The Nature of ManChinese (Simplified)
The Shaman as for John SainttHmong Daw
The Chimney of the TimeFrench
Babelfish EpisodeActual EpisodeLanguage
Meeting at SchoolPortuguese
Rigor MortisCzech
Rebel MeatItalian
Curse Black Spot ColorsDanish
Drums SoundEstonian
Blank Children'sLatvian
On the Day of ResurrectionArabic
Fear of ItCatalan
Hungry PlanetJapanese
Film DaleksIndonesian
Bride on the LooseSlovak
Turn to the LeftGerman
End of a Nobleman in the TimeThai

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