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Can you name the Doctor Who companion by their home land and time period?

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Hometown / PlanetCompanionTime Period
Boeshane Peninsula52nd Century
Scotlandca. 1746
Space Station W321st Century
Pease Pottage20th Century
Earthca. 4000
Londonca. 2005
Chiswickca. 2007
Englandca. 1866
Trionca. 1983
GallifreyRassilon Era
ScotlandMid 20th Century
Titan Baseca. 5000
Unknown jungle planet within the Sevateem TribeUnknown
Hometown / PlanetCompanionTime Period
Londonca. 1851
Greececa. 1200 B.C.
Earth25th Century
Brisbaneca. 1986
Colchesterca. 2010
Leadworthca. 2010
San Franciscoca. 2000
Londonca. 1963
Perivaleca. 1987
Pasadenaca. 1984
Stoca. 2008
New York Cityca. 1970
Londonca. 1966
South Croydonca. 1973

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