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Part of SpeechVocabulary WordDefinition
adjectivestubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one's opinion
nounscattered fragments; wreckage
verbto let go, give up
nounproperty that is saved from destruction
adjectiveclumsy, hard to handle; slow-moving
verbto save from fire or shipwreck
adjectiveuncontrolled, lacking in restraint
nouna bandit, robber, outlaw, highwayman
verbto bring to such a standstill
adjectivenot genuine, not true, not valid
nouna difficult or perplexing situation or problem
Part of SpeechVocabulary WordDefinition
adjectivecareful; cautious
adjectivewordy, long-winded, or unfocused, scattered or widely spread
nouna standstill resulting from the opposition of two equal forces equal
verbto incline to beforehand; make susceptible to
adjectivesudden and violent but brief, fitful, intermittent
verbto spread or scatter freely or widely
noundilemma a difficult or perplexing situation or problem
adjectivelasting for a long time, persistent (n). a plant that lives for many years
verbto make a mess or; to get by (n) a hopeless mess
verbto wipe out, to keep oneself from being noticed
adjectivesuddent and violent but brief; fitful; intermittent

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