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Can you name the commanders who won each battle?

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Chaeronea, 338 BC
Yorktown, 1781 AD
Marne, 1914 AD
Hattin, 1187 AD
Salamis, 480 BC
Gettysburg, 1863 AD
Constantinople, 1453 AD
Teutoberg Forest, 9 AD
Cannae, 216 BC
Dien Bien Phu, 1954 AD
Sedan, 1870 AD
Waterloo, 1815 AD
Lepanto, 1571 AD
Tsushima, 1905 AD
Zama, 202 BC
Midway, 1942 AD
Plassey, 1757 AD
Stalingrad, 1942-1943 AD
Alesia, 52 BC
Jerusalem, 1099 AD
Pearl Harbor, 1941 AD
Tours, 732 AD
Sekigahara, 1600 AD
Verdun, 1916 AD
Austerlitz, 1805 AD
Hastings, 1066 AD
Gaugamela, 331 BC
Milvian Bridge, 312 AD
Saratoga, 1777 AD
Tenochtitlan, 1521 AD

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