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Beginning letterMovieYear and Starring
A2009 - Sam Worthington
B1968 - Jane Fonda
C1979 - Malcolm McDowell
D1995 - Antonio Banderas
E2007 - Amy Adams
F1932 - Wallace Ford
G1982 - Ben Kingsley
H1986 - Gene Hackman
I2010 - Leonardo DiCaprio
J1995 - Robin Williams
K1983 - Ken Marshall
L1985 - Matthew Broderick
M2011 - Brad Pitt
N1994 - Jodie Foster
O1955 - Gordon MacRae
P1960 - Jany Wyman
Q2008 - Jennifer Carpenter
R1976 - Sylvester Stallone
S1993 - Sharon Stone
T1982 - Jeff Bridges
U1992 - Clint Eastwood
V1981 - Michael Caine
W2003 - Crispin Glover
X1980 - Olivia Newton-John
Y1979 - Richard Gere
Z1974 - Sean Connery

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