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Can you name the players with the highest career WAR for each letter of the alphabet?

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*Team for which the player generated the most WAR, followed by number of other teams he played for (if necessary). #### SINCE 1901 ####
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Letter (WAR)PlayerTeam(s)*
A (141.6)Mil / Atl Braves, +1
B (171.8)San Francisco Giants, +1
C (159.5)Detroit Tigers, +1
D (83.6)New York Yankees
E (67.9)St Louis Cardinals, +5
F (95.2)Philadelphia Athletics, +3
G (118.4)New York Yankees
H (127.8)St Louis Cardinals, +4
I (20.5)New York Giants, +1
J (139.8)Washington Senators
K (91.0)Detroit Tigers
L (84.4)Cleveland Naps, +1
M (154.7)NY / SF Giants, +1
Letter (WAR)PlayerTeam(s)*
N (96.8)Atlanta Braves, +3
O (109.3)New York Giants
P (90.5)San Francisco Giants, +7
Q (49.7)Philadelphia Athletics, +7
R (190.0)New York Yankees, +2
S (132.9)Cleveland Indians, +3
T (75.9)Chicago White Sox, +2
U (42.3)Philadelphia Phillies
V (75.6)Pittsburgh Pirates, +1
W (125.3)Boston Red Sox
Y (88.7)Boston Red Sox
Z (37.1)Chicago Cubs, +1

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