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Can you name the history questions regarding 80's hairband WHITESNAKE?

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1. Country of Origin
2. Lead Singer
3. Lead Singer's band previous to forming WHITESNAKE
4. How many albums did he perform on with that band
5. First album released
6. First album released in U.S.
7. Most commercially successful album
8. Biggest hit single from [Question 7]
9... which was actually orginally released on what album
10. Other song from [Question 9] rerecorded for [Question 7]
11. Guitarist who recorded on [Question 7] and then left the band
12. His band before joining WHITESNAKE
13. Named 29th Greatest Hard Rock Song according to VH1
14. Popular power ballad from [Question 7]
15. Guitarist who fell ill after touring in 1988-89
16. Replacement guitarist for recording 'Slip Of The Tongue' album
17. Most recent album

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