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Can you name the endings to these Eddie Izzard quotes from the opening 30 minutes of Circle?

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Lineend of sentence.
Bastard means illegitimate child
Had them, lost them
Keep those flies off me
Whereas protestants don't have anything to keep the flies off
Pope man, Pope man
Could be a whole series
That outfit, the Queen,
Pope Pius the fourth
One city, everyone there
And shall my sword sleep in my hand
You're gonna roll over
I've found me some happiness
Lineend of sentence.
We had it, the British Empire and we lost it by going
Guns don't kill people, people kill people, but monkeys do too
No I have no bananas
How does the monkey community interact?
Most people in Spain are
I kill you for your dark skin for Jesus was
Alexander the Great just steaming through Persia, took out Darius III
I know one or two people have heckled
Christianity, Judaism, Islam,
They're very similar; the Christian faith
This is football I'm talking about here which you call
He's a friend of Buddha, he's like

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