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Sound the bell.
Jerry Lawler
Whisper in the ____
What does everybody want?
Does Shark Boy have these?
Howard the Ring Announcer
Chainsaw Charlie
CM ____
Paired with Hitman's black.
What James Storm might drink.
Randy Orton's other finisher.
Spike Dudley or Brother ____
Listen up. Flair is speaking.
Bischoff's TNA list.
Money in the ____
What Matilda might do.
This match isn't televised.
Not exactly what Ron Simmons says.
Exactly what Ron Simmons says.
Some may call a Diva or Knockout this.
Triple H
Japanese wrestling promotion: Dragon ____
Twist of ____
Not a heel.
Another King.
A devious attack against the eyes.
What pro wrestling is often called.
The Snake.
Dodge your opponent.
Half of the Bushwackers.
Another devious attack against the eyes.
D'Angelo Dinero
Contested items sometimes hang here.
Black ____ Slam
The Impact Zone to TNA.
Wrestlemania III location.
'Stick a fork in him. He's ____.'

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