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ClueAnswer (4 Letters)Rung #
*** (Rung 1) in a (Rung 2); Structure for Triple H vs. The Undertaker ***1
*** (Rung 1) in a (Rung 2); Structure for Triple H vs. The Undertaker ***2
To get or try to get in communication with by telephone.3
________ Yarborough; Won three consecutive NASCAR championships.4
Walking stick5
*** ________ vs. Randy Orton ***6
________ the Conquerer, of Marvel Comics fame.7
*** The bell did this. ***8
*** 'The squared circle' ***9
A surface of ice for ice-skating10
Grammy winning Aerosmith song in 199911
*** CM ________ vs. Chris Jericho ***12
Vulcanized rubber disk used in ice hockey13
A pustule in an eruptive disease.14
*** (Rung 15) vs. (Rung 20) ***15
Defraud by cheating or swindling; also a chess piece.16
*** 'If you smell what The Rock is ______ing.' ***17
To hit, especially on the head18
A lesser known planet in the Star Wars universe19
*** (Rung 15) vs. (Rung 20) ***20

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