Inverntors Killed by their Inventions

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Can you name the Inverntors Killed by their Inventions?

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Invention (Year killed)InventorHow they died
A Rocketship made of a chair and 47 rockets (1600's)
Flying Machine formed from wooden wings and a rope (1010)
Flying Taxi (2009)
Scottish Maiden, Early Guillotine (1581)
Self-constructed airplane, Vlaicu II (1913)
Coat Parachute (1912)
The process to isolate radium (1934)
New Motorised Bicycle (1903)
Invention (Year killed)InventorHow they died
Combat Submarine, CSS Hunley (1863)
Hang glider (1896)
Flying car based on the Ford Pinto (1973)
The Five Pains Execution method (208 BC)
Aerowagon, High speed rail car (1921)
An elaborate system of strings and pulleys to help others lift him from bed after contracting Polio (1944)
Rotary Printing Press (1867)

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