Ways Dr. Cox Humiliates People

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Can you name the who Dr. Cox humiliates by the way he does it?

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How he did itWho he did it towhy he did it
Insulted them five times in a single rant while trying to assign one of the residents to work with him on a lawsuit.
Forced them to clean his car
Cuts off his sideburn
Tricked them into trying to come up with a speech to honor Dr. Kelso, knowing that Kelso had no redeeming qualities.
Made them take off his shirt and shocked him with a defibrillator
Had Keith call them to the hospital on his day off, and then rubbed it in by hiring Laverne and her church choir to sing 'Payback is a Bitch.'
Took all the credit after this person saved their life
Gathered a group of staff members to watch them be conned by Sam Thompson.
Telling people not to pick on them as his 'mother does not like it
Destroyed their van and made them watch
Made this person hold up a picture of Sacred Heart for a whole day
Belittles the entire staff
Forced a them to run round the hospital over and over
How he did itWho he did it towhy he did it
Dumps a bowl of spaghetti on this persons head
Together with Jordan, tied up this person and forced him to listen to Ted's band sing the Chili's 'I Want My Baby Back Ribs' jingle, which continues endlessly as they never say the
Mummifying their head
Making them stand in a corner
Forced to spend the day listening to a countertop with a stethoscope
Making them act as a test subject
Put them on an 'I'll-take-that-food-right-out-of-your-hands' diet, in which he would secretly steal food from them, swap it with a random object, and either dispose of it or pass t
Made This person 'feed' him a hot mug of coffee as punishment
Had the Janitor line them up so he could ask them who the best doctor was, and have them reply 'You are!' one by one.
Embarrassed them by convincing him to masturbate, something that this person doesn't do, and gathered a group of people to wait for him and applause.
Made the entire hospital believe that they died
Created a system for them in which Boon is required to speak for her.

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