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Can you name the best movie not nominated for any Oscars?

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5Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone
23Henry Fonda/Sergio Leone
34Jean Reno/Luc Besson
49Jack Nicholson/Stanley Kubrick
51Kirk Douglas/Stanley Kubrick
56Peter Lorre/Fritz Lang
63Harvey Keitel/Quentin Tarantino
68Charlie Chaplin
69Graham Chapman/Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam
76Charlie Chaplin
87Robert De Niro/Sergio Leone
92Brigitte Helm/Fritz Lang
93Clint Eastwood
100Mickey Rourke/Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller
109Choi Min-Sik/Park Chan-Wook
115Charlton Heston/Orson Welles
116Max von Sydow/Ingmar Bergman
119Billy Crudup (Voice)/Hayao Miyazaki
120Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone
121Al Pacino/Michael Mann
129Jake Gyllenhaal/Richard Kelly
130Jason Statham/Guy Ritchie
132Buster Keaton
134Jeff Bridges/Joel Coen
135Uma Thurman/Quentin Tarantino
147Humphrey Bogart/Howard Hawks
152John Cleese/Terry Jones
159Arnold Schwarzenegger/James Cameron
160Bill Murray/Harold Ramis
161Al Pacino/Brian De Palma
164Kurt Russell/John Carpenter
165J. Robert Spencer (voice)/Isao Takahata
168Yves Montand/Henri-Georges Clouzot
170Jason Flemyng/Guy Ritchie
172Natalie Portman/James McTeigue
179Simone Signoret/Henri-Georges Clouzot
183Robert Mitchum/Charles Laughton
184Sterling Hayden/Stanley Kubrick
188Charlie Chaplin
189Alec Guinness/Robert Hamer
194Grace Kelly/Alfred Hitchcock
206Lina Leandersson/Tomas Alfredson
208Fay Wray/Merian C. Cooper
214Uma Thurman/Quentin Tarantino
218Takashi Shimura/Akira Kurosawa
219James Stewart/Alfred Hitchcock
225Frank Welker (Voice)/Hayao Miyazaki
227Groucho Marx/Leo McCarey
242Andy Lau/Andrew Lau and Alan Mak
248Cary Grant/Frank Capra

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