A Charlie Brown Christmas Quiz II

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Can you name the answers from the clues about A Charlie Brown Christmas?

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In the play, Charlie Brown is the
For Christmas, Sally wants
The show was directed by
In the play, Lucy wants to be the
Frieda asks whether inkeeper's wives have
The network that broadcast the show was
Lucy won't catch snowflakes on her tongue until
According to Lucy, Christmas is run by
When he grows up, Linus plans to make his blanket into a
The song sung by the Peanuts gathered around the tree is
Lucy says a person can't be great unless his picture is on
For Christmas, Lucy wants
Name an animal that Lucy asks Snoopy to play
An award won by the show
Where do they get the decorations for the tree?
Every Christmas, Shermy ends up playing
Lucy suggests the tree should be what color?
The show was written by
Name an animal Snoopy plays without Lucy's asking
What element does Lucy need after being kissed by Snoopy?
The song Shroeder picks for the play is
Pigpen can raise a cloud of dust in
What is the Gospel source of Linus's speech?
The show's original music was composed by
Name one of the conditions Lucy suggests Charlie Brown might have.
How many good reasons does Lucy give Linus to learn the script
For the play, Shroeder picks music by
Lucy asks Schroeder to play what song?
Linus's opinion of the snowflake is that it
The show was first broadcast in the year

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