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Can you name the Physical Quantities by their units?

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m, metersMeasureable by a ruler
s, seconds, hoursMeasurable by a stopwatch
kg, kilogramsMeasureable by a balance
N, Newton, kg*m*s^-2Often mistaken by the one above
m/s^2, meter per second squared
j, Joules
W, watts
m^2, squared meters
m^3, cubic meters, liters
rho, kg/m^3
K, Kelvin, *C/F, degrees Celcius/FahrenheidMeasureable by a thermometer
m/s, metres per second,
c, 299,792,458 metres per secondMakes you see
V, volts
I, amperes, coulomb per second
omega, ohmsFutile...
F, Farad
V/m, Volt per meterElectrics
W, Webers,Magnetics
nAmount of substance
N/m^2, PascalQueen's under it
dB, Decibels
H, Henry

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