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What is the name of the water supply system they used in the ancient Greece?The time of Plato and Socrates...
What is 47+12?Smaller than 1000 =)
Who plays Rachel Green in the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S?Same as Polly Prince in Along Came Polly.
What is butter made from?...
What country is Nicki Minaj from?Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj.
What country is Fingersoft from?Maker of Benji Bananas!
What is (59-34)x3-1?Bigger than two =)
What country won the volleyball European championships in 2013?It won Italy in the final!
Who is the president of The United States?You have to know this!
How does the song continue?: Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom ___Way too hard to even guess!!!
What is the main ingredient in the manufacture of chocolate?Hmm...
How many players played this quiz on the 6th of October in 2013?Let's get counting, shall we?
Who is the fastest man in the world?From Jamaica, 3 world records...
Who invented the Rubik's Cube?He was an aircraft designer from Hungary.
What is the name of this site?Take a wild guess!
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When did The UK make their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest?Before the year 1990...
What is the maker of the famous Android/IOS/WP game called Bike Race?Best. Game. Ever.
What is the high jump world record?By Javier Sotomayor
Who is the man from JacksFilms?Your Grammar Sucks!
What is Amiga?Not a car...
What is my profile name?It's not SevenStonePlasma.
Which country has the most people?1.347 billion people...
What is the real name of ''The Epic Sax Guy''?Dat Sax!
What is the biggest continent?43 810 000km²
What is number one in Spanish?Also a name of a card game.
Who plays Barney Stinson in the show How I Met Your Mother?''What in the world is up!?''
What is the missing word?: Hill Climb ______It's a game...
What is the name of the this quiz?Pretty hard you know...
In what kind of plants do oranges grow? Like pears!
Name any game series made by Team 17.There are four choices!

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