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What drug does Reid become addicted to?
Who is Hotch's sister-in-law?
Who replaced JJ while she was on maternity leave?
In True Genius, what serial killer does the UnSub attempts to replicate?
Goth, vamparic singer whose manager kills people for publicity
Morgan is a fan of what sport in particular?
Before becoming a profiler, what was Hotch's job?
In the beginning of season 4, whose SUV is exploded by a bomb?
What is Ian Doyle's son's name?
What is Rossi's specialty?
Before becoming a profiler, what was JJ's position on the team?
What is Morgan's mother's first name?
What member of the team does Randall Gardner shoot?
Trivia QuestionAnswerEpisode
In Elephant's Memory, what does Owen's mothers necklace say on it?
Highschool student with sexual sadist tendencies who attempts suicide
Who was Gideon's girlfriend during season 2 (later killed by serial killer Frank Breitkopf)?
Who are Henry's godparents?
In the ambulance after being shot, what song did Garcia hear in her head?
Who is taken hostage at the end of season 7?
Mid-season 5, who is in a car accident?
What is the name of the young boy whom Reid believes his father murdered?
How many members (including non-profilers) does the team have?
How did JJ's sister die?
What is the name of Prentiss's cat?
Where is the BAU (town & state)?

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