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Can you name the Marvel Ultimate Alliance Characters by their Power?

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How to Play Forced Order
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Ravaging Flame, Chain Flechette, Fear, Vengeance
Ice Shards, Freeze Beam, Frost Bite, Deep Freeze
Plasma Disk, Rocket Uppercut, Speed Overdrive, Air Strike
Slayer Slash, Gun Blast, Blood of the Warrior, Blood Haze
Uppercut, Hand Clap, Tough Skin, Rock and Roll
Luminous, Photon Burst, Binary Boost, Warbird's Wrath
Jab, Chain Strike, Rebound, Sweet Christmas
Claw Slash, Lethal Lunge, Rage, Feral Rage
Cosmic Beam, Silver Dash, Slow Time, Galactic Might
Panther Claw, Energy Daggers, Stealth, Panther's Might
Elastic Crush, Propeller Arms, Fantastic Fists, Orbital Attack
Mystic Bolts, Levitation, Teleport, Mystic Maelstrom
Concussion Blast, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Ultimate Overload
Lightning Strike, Whirlwind, Whirlwind Armor, Thunderstruck
Nerve Strike, Ninja Stars, Focused Chi, Curse of the Hand
Shield Throw, Shield Bash, Reserve Strength, Avenger's Shield
Mjolnir's Might, Mjolnir Slam, God Speed, Wrath of the Gods
Flame Thrower, Inferno, Nova Blast, Fantastic Fire
Venom Blast, Ensnare, Attract, Bio Web
Web Bullets, Web Snare, Web Shield, Bungee Bash
Furious, SMG, Motion Sensor, SHIELD Strike
Baton Smash, Baton Throw, Blind Sight, Devil's Onslaught
Assassin Strike, Dual Shot, Wisecrack, Merc's Revenge

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