Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Characters

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Can you name the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Characters by their Power?

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Warp Punch, Cosmic Slam, Radiant Beam, Photon Orbs
Web Barrage, Web Mace, Web Dive, Web Yank
Mjolnir Strike, Mighty Swipe, Thunder Smash, Lightning Rod
Lightning Strike, Gale Force, Funnel Cloud, Hail Storm,
Fireball Barage, Radial Blaze, Fire Pillar, Flame Thrower
Knockout Flurry, Ground Pummel, Chain Strike, Throw Down
Lunging Rage, Whirling Slash, Dashing Flurry, Claw Kebab
Raging Smash, Thunder Clap, Dashing Tackle, Thunder Roar
Pulse Barrage, Radial Pulse, Rocket Punch, Unibeam
Kinetic Sphere, Binding Field, Crushing Force, Invisible Mine
Tongue Lashing, Symbiote Burst, Tendril Yank, Leaping Feast
Bullet Barage, Bouncy Slash, Telesplode, Safety Dash
Lightning Bolt, Bioelectric Blast, Monstrous Rush, Plasma Volley
Baton Whip, Radial Lash, Fearless Dive, Binding Bola
Pumpkin Bombs, Gas Attack, Homing Swarm, Napalm Strike
Shield Throw, Shield Swipe, Captain's Dash, Heroic Defense
Kinetic Bolt, Radial Wrath, Agony Storm, Reflect Pain
Frost Barrage, Ice Pillar, Freeze Beam, Spiked Punch
Decibel Barrage, Piercing Bolt, Sonic Pillar, Shatter Scream
Jump n' Slam, Concussive Clap, Dash n' Bash, Clobberin Time
Card Barrage, Radial Staff, Explosive Hand, 52 Card Pickup
Dragon Fist, Radial Palm, Eagle's Dive, Healing Hand
Dashing Wheel, Windmill Spin, Extending Strike, Elastic Smash
Telekinetic Grip, Restraining Wave, Pyrokine Blast, Phoenix's Fury

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