the Character Transformations?

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Can you name the the Character Transformations from Shugo Chara??

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Amu and Miki.
Amu and Su.
Amu and Ran.
Amu and Dia.
Amu and Ran, Su, Miki, and Dia.
Amu and Il
Amu and El
Ikuto and Yuru.
Ikuto and Yuru and the purified X-egg.
Utau and Il.
Utau and El
Utau and X-Character Dia.
Kaukai and Daichi
Rima and Kusukusu
Tadase and Kiseki.
Kairi and Musashi
Yaya and Pepe.
Nagihiko and Rhythm
Nadeshiko and Temari.
Rikka and Hotaru

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