Endocrine Diseases

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HintDiseaseGland Involved
Elevated ACTH; fatigue, irritability, depression, weakness, hypotension, hyperpigmentation
Renewed growth in small bones of hands and feet and membranous bones of skull and jaws
Any 1 of 3 adrenal medulla tumors
Secondary to interruption of supraopticohypophyseal tract
Precocious virilism in males, masculinization or pseudohermaphroditism in females
Increased cortisol, central obesity with wasting extremities, moon facies, buffalo hump
Decreased metabolism, cachexia, loss of skin pigment and hair
Massive lymphocyte infiltration replacing parenchyma
HintDiseaseGland Involved
Accelerated growth, enlarged sella turcica, macrodontia
Lethargy, weakness, and fatigue; dry coarse skin and husky voice
Increased Metabolism, eyelid retraction and lid lag, exophthalmos
Short Stature, normal proportions except small facial proportions, low HGH
Hypocalcemia, Chvostek's sign
Increased Ca++ and decreased P04- in blood; 'stones, bones, and abdominal groans'
Any 1 of 4 pituitary tumors

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