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Stop trying to get her back, She ain't coming Male Idol Group
Say Oh, oh, oh, baby ~ La, La, La, La, La Female Idol Group
I like the music, like, like, like, the music Female Idol Group
And I'm so sick of love songs, Yeah I hate them love songs, Memento of ours...Male Idol Group
Electronic, Manic, Supersonic, Bionic, Energy~Female Singer
Every night I'll be with you~Female Idol Group
Oh no, no, no, no, nobody knows ~ Mam Molla ~Male Idol(?) Group
Time to make it, make it, t-t-take itFemale Idol Group
I can't live no more but, I can't stop no moreOne of the members of a Male Idol Group
Ttutturu Ttutturu Loving you baby~Female Idol Group
I like that that that girl and let me see a bring it back back back girl, O.KFemale Singer
Listen to my...Male Idol Group
Cold Heart Baby! Cold Eyes Baby!Male Idol Group
Akka Akka wo na modeun geoshi geuriwo!Male Idol Group *English Lyrics are too easy so I did Korean lyrics*
Oh, Oh, Only for you, Oh, Oh, Only for you~Male Idol Group
~ want me want me want me too Female Idol Group
together make it love, forever make it your smile Male Idol Group
You know that I love you ~ Can't you see my eyes? There's only one, the ___ ___Male Singer

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