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Can you name the players who have played 1000+ NBA games without winning a championship?

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Games PlayedPlayerSeasons (Teams)
1,5041984-2003 (UTA)
1,4761985-2004 (UTA,LAL)
1,3891987-2005 (IND)
1,3801989-2007 (POR, PHX, DET, GS, NJN)
1,3071981-1999 (NJN, POR, NYK)
1,2961987-2004 (NYK, LAC, IND, TOR, UTA, HOU)
1,2861984-2001 (DAL, LAL, SEA, IND)
1,2821985-2004 (CHI, NYK, TOR, WAS, HOU)
1,2741985-2002 (POR, MIN, MIA, SAS)
1,2091983-2000 (DAL, SEA, MIL, SAS, DEN, CHA)
1,2021996-present (PHX, DAL, LAL)
1,1991983-1999 (DAL, NYK, ORL, LAL)
1,1991981-1999 (SAC, PHX, SEA, CHA, IND, HOU)
1,1961991-2009 (DEN, ATL, PHI, NJN, NYK, HOU)
1,1931976-1991 (MIL, IND, DEN, DAL)
1,1831982-2000 (SDC, MIL, SAS, SEA, PHI, NYK, GS)
1,1831985-2002 (NYK, SEA, ORL)
1,1591986-2002 (CLE, NYK, CHA, NJN, MIL, DEN, DAL)
1,1561977-1995 (ATL, CLE, DET, HOU, ORL)
1,1401984-2000 (LAC, SEA, CLE, PHI, NJN)
1,1381981-1999 (UTA, DEN, MIL, LAL, PHX, MIA, ORL)
1,1361985-2001 (DAL, IND, SEA, POR)
1,1341989-2005 (LAL, CHA, SAC)
1,1261999-present (CLE, LAC, DEN, PHI, POR)
1,1101995-2013 (MIA, DAL, NYK, PHX, SEA, SAS, MIL, CHI, POR)
1,1071981-1997 (SDC, SEA, PHX, UTA, CHA, PHI)
1,1021981-1999 (IND, DAL, NYK, TOR)
Games PlayedPlayerSeasons (Teams)
1,0941991-2007 (IND, POR, GS, DET)
1,0941988-2005 (NYK, SAS, POR, WAS, MIA, MIN, ORL, TOR, HOU)
1,0901983-2000 (DAL, MIL, CLE, PHX, DET, IND, ATL)
1,0831986-2002 (UTA, CLE, CHA, MIL, TOR)
1,0771986-2000 (PHX, PHI, UTA)
1,0771960-1975 (STL, SEA, CLE, POR)
1,0741982-1999 (ATL, LAC, BOS, SAS, ORL)
1,0731984-2000 (PHI, PHX, HOU)
1,0681976-1990 (PHI, HOU, CHI, POR, SAS)
1,0671998-present (TOR, NJN, ORL, PHX, DAL)
1,0651985-2001 (SAS, CLE, PHX, MIN, UTA, ATL, SAC, MIA, TOR)
1,0611998-present (GS, DAL, WAS, CLE, LAL)
1,0581987-2003 (SEA, LAC, DET, SAC, UTA)
1,0571959-1973 (NYK, BAL, SDR, PHI, KCO)
1,0511989-2003 (SEA, CLE, POR, ORL)
1,0431961-1974 (CHP, BAL, NYK, DET, ATL, NOR)
1,0331977-1992 (PHX, DEN, POR)
1,0301995-2011 (GS, PHI, MIN, DET, MIL, DEN, CHI, CLE, OKC, ATL, NJN, LAL)
1,0261994-2013 (DET, ORL, PHX, LAC)
1,0261978-1991 (CHI, SAC, ATL, ORL, NJN)
1,0151995-2011 (DEN, PHX, NYK, DET, SAS)
1,0031988-2003 (MIA, ATL, DET, VAN, BOS)
1,0021970-1983 (KCO, NJN ,CLE)
1,0021970-1983 (SDR/HOU)
1,0011991-2006 (ATL, DET, POR, CHA/NOH, ORL)
1,0011998-2012 (VAN, SAC, ATL, MIA, NYK)

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