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Relationship Between...The Formula
Moment, Force and Perpendicular Distance from Pivot
Pressure Difference, Height, Density and Gravitational Field Strength
Density, Mass and Volume
Input Power and Output Power (Transformers)
Energy Transferred and Work Done
Voltage, Current and Resistance
Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Primary Turns and Secondary Turns (Transformer)
Change in GPE, Mass, Gravitational Field Strength and Change in Height
Electrical Power, Voltage and Current
Average Speed, Distance and Time
Force, Area and Pressure
Relationship Between...The Formula
Charge, Current and Time
Acceleration, Change in Velocity and Time Taken
Force, Mass and Acceleration
Mass, Weight and Gravitational Field Strength
Force, Distance and Work
Energy Transferred and Efficiency
Kinetic Energy, Mass and Speed
Refractive Index and Critical Angle
Wave Speed, Frequency and Wavelength
Refractive Index, Angle of Incidence and Angle of Refraction

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