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What is the FIRST name of Sheldon’s fake cousin that Sheldon and Leonard used to avoid going to Penny’s singing audition?
What is the name of Amy Farrah Fowler’s electric toothbrush she uses as a vibrator?
After someone broke into their apartment, where does Sheldon briefly move to?
What is the FIRST name of the attractive girl Leonard meets at the comic store and tries to hook up with while in a long distance relationship with Priya?
What character was on the kite Howard buys for Raj to make up for the originial kite Howard was responsbile for Raj losing to Sheldon?
What character did Howard considered gettting tattooed on his butt after meeting two girls at a goth night club?
What team name does Sheldon create and print on t-shirts for the gang in their bowling tournament?
What snack does Mrs. Wolowitz always have before taking her bath?
What does Sheldon want to buy on Craig’s List in order to try figure out Howard’s card trick?
Who hacked into Sheldon’s World of Warcaft account and stole some of his items?
Penny creates a stain on the cushion on Sheldon’s spot with what?
What does Sheldon dress up as when Sheldon and Leonard attend Penny’s halloween party?
What does Barry Kripke release into Sheldon’s office while Sheldon is on the phone with NPR?
When Zach, Kripke, and Stuart go to the apartment as Sheldon’s “new friends”, what song does Stuart call dibs on?
What guards Sheldon's extra stash of cash in a can?

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