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Soundtrack titleFilm
Half Remembered Dream, 528491, One Simple Idea
The Medallion Calls, Blood Ritual, Moonlight Serenade
Briony, Rescue Me, Elegy for Dunkirk
Three Million Light Years from Home, Flying, Adventure on Earth
The Trip to Earth, The Fortress of Solitude, Turning Back The World
Hymn to the Fallen, Omaha Beach, High School Teacher
The Battle of Hoth, The Imperial March, Lando's Palace
They're Sending Me to Vietnam, That's My Boat, I'll Be Right Here
'You Don't Dream in Cryo. ....', Pure Spirits of the Forest, War
The Armenian Superhero, Hit-Girl & Big Daddy, Kitchen Stand Off
Soundtrack titleFilm
Strength and Honor, Barbarian Horde, Honor Him
Southampton, Rose, Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch
Why So Serious?, Like a Dog Chasing Cars, Introduce a Little Anarchy
Welcome to the Real World, Bullet-Time, Anything Is Possible
March of Farquaad, Escape from the Dragon, Transformation/The End
Rock Hammer, Brooks was Here, Lovely Racquel
Minas Tirith, The Steward of Gondor, Shelob's Lair
This Is Berk, Forbidden Friendship, Battling The Green Death
Remember Remember, ...Governments Should Be Afraid of Their People..., The Dominoes Fall
The Secret Wedding, Sons of Scotland, Falkirk

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