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To understand (something)
A person to whom something's presented
A syllable(s) grouped at the front of a word
Action taken to counter other action(s) beforehand
Acting with aforethought or planning
One who attends a preparatory school
False motive/reason fronting for a real one
One who organizes and assumes a business venture's risks
An ancestor or forefather
A thin, salted, knot-shaped dough biscuit
With child
Apparent foreknowledge
Informally, a prematurely born infant
A bed's outer covering, usually decorative
A person or animal that preys on others
To reduce in purchasing value over time
Tendency to think favorably (of something)
Introductory musical composition
To value/regard highly; or, be aware of
A president that has not yet been sworn in
An exclusively held privelege
Happening/existing before the proper time
The cutest
A drug that mitigates the immune system's response, such as during the rejection of skin grafts
To clean (a bird's feathers) with one's beak
Pinpoint accuracy; exactitude
Doctor's written directive for taking meds
Occuring in many places, to many people
A type of tail capable of grasping objects
Unreasonable bias
An eellike fish, characterized by a round, suctorial mouth
To burden with unjust exercises of authority
Feeling something bad will happen
To form in advance, such as an opinion
Understanding a speaker's words by reading the mouth's movements
Any chief official of a foreign country
One who manages public entertainment, such as the opera or ballet
Female ruler of an empire
A highway made for high-speed traffic
Mythical creature who has a pot of gold

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