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To clean (a bird's feathers) with one's beak
Understanding a speaker's words by reading the mouth's movements
A highway made for high-speed traffic
To reduce in purchasing value over time
To understand (something)
A drug that mitigates the immune system's response, such as during the rejection of skin grafts
Happening/existing before the proper time
Apparent foreknowledge
A thin, salted, knot-shaped dough biscuit
Mythical creature who has a pot of gold
A person or animal that preys on others
The cutest
Action taken to counter other action(s) beforehand
A syllable(s) grouped at the front of a word
Doctor's written directive for taking meds
A bed's outer covering, usually decorative
Tendency to think favorably (of something)
A president that has not yet been sworn in
Occuring in many places, to many people
Informally, a prematurely born infant
One who attends a preparatory school
To burden with unjust exercises of authority
A person to whom something's presented
Any chief official of a foreign country
With child
Unreasonable bias
A type of tail capable of grasping objects
An exclusively held privelege
Introductory musical composition
To form in advance, such as an opinion
Acting with aforethought or planning
Female ruler of an empire
False motive/reason fronting for a real one
One who organizes and assumes a business venture's risks
To value/regard highly; or, be aware of
An ancestor or forefather
Pinpoint accuracy; exactitude
Feeling something bad will happen
One who manages public entertainment, such as the opera or ballet
An eellike fish, characterized by a round, suctorial mouth

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