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Someone who acts with perfect regularity or precision is said to move 'like _____'
Athletic supporter worn by men during certain strenuous activities
Ape with a shaggy red-brown coat, very long arms, and no tail
In the world of cars, 'Chevy' stands for this
Musical instrument consisting of a graduated series of wooden bars, usually sounded by striking with small wooden hammers
The rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, and, subsequently, purchasing power is falling
Container in which to grow and display plants
Baltic country whose capital is Vilnius
'The Scarlet ______,' a famous play/novel set in 1792 France
With one's identify concealed, especially to avoid notice
Ketchup, mustard, salt, and pepper are examples of one of these, used to give special flavor to food
A man-of-war is this type of sea creature
The material within a biological cell that is not contained in the nucleus or other organelles
Smuggled or illicitly distilled liquor, often of inferior quality
A desire to know or learn; supposedly killed a cat...
Cigar-shaped missiles launched from submarines
A poisonous mushroom; or, the name of the princess Mario saves in video games
A silver-white metal, #12 on the periodic table
A veal cutlet, especially one fried in batter
A person who performs a service willingly and without pay
Large group of musicians who play together on various instruments
A Creole dish consisting of rice that has been cooked with shrimp, oysters, ham, or chicken and seasoned with spices and herbs
Cacao seeds are the main ingredient in this dark-brown confection
A brilliant electrical spark in the atmosphere
A minute amount; an iota or trace
A mass of iron or stone that's fallen to earth from outer space
A yellow cartoon character, famous for his square pants
Unable to wait; restless; eagerly desirous
The branch of medicine that studies diseases and their causes
One of New York's five boroughs; or, a whiskey-vermouth cocktail

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