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A - Summoning spell
B- Spiders flee before it
C - Brother and sister death eaters
D - Snape's Patronus
E - Disarming spell
F - Dumbledore's phoenix
G - Goblin that Harry rescues from Malfoy Manor
H - Witch murdered by Tom Riddle in order to take Hufflepuff's cup
I - Harry's Hallows connected ancestor
J - Hufflepuff student petrified in his second year
K - Magic course offered to Squibs
L - Harry's mother
M - Material of the pouch given to Harry by Hagrid
N - Filch's cat, Mrs. _______
O - The skill that allows someone to protect their thoughts
P - Shield charm
Q - Professor Quirrell's first name
R - Boggart banishing spell
S - Slytherin Hogwarts founder
T - Popular restaurant/bar in Hogsmeade village
U - Toad shaped ministry worker
V - Truth-telling potion
W - Buckbeak's new name
X - Luna's father's name
Y - Christmas dance
Z - Slytherin student Blaise

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