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Can you name the major city in the Land of Israel based on the names and/or landmarks commonly associated with it?

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Northern-most point in the Country
Burial Place of Jewish Matriarchs and Patriarchs, One of the 4 Holy Cities
Ba'ha'i Gardens, Port City
Ruth's Field of Dreams, Rachel's Burial Place, Jesus' Birthplace
Joseph and Mary's Hometown, Church of the Annunciation
Coral Reef, Dolphinarium
Azrieli Towers, First Modern City
Home of Jewish Mysticism, Candle Factories
Temple Mount, Capital City
Sea of Galillee (Kineret), Jesus' Famous Walk
Built on the edge of the large crater for which it is named
Capital of the Negev Desert, Ben-Gurion University
Dead Sea, Ahava Factory, Lowest Point on Earth

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