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I come Pope in Rome in the day's dawnin' Isle Of Wight...
Beechams Pill daan't kna wot I was waitin' for, and me nickle and dime was runnin' wild.
'it me basin of gravy wahn more nickle and dime.
'scuse me, while I hit and miss the bloody apple pie.
Harry Kewell wind in me Barnet Fair.
Someday twist n twirl I don’t kna chicken pen we’re gonna get ter that drum where we 'eaven and 'ell wanna Scapa Flow
Ya never close your mince pies anymore chicken pen I hit and miss your pg tips.
Wotcha, darkness, me old china plate.
...put a peas in a pot cross ban against 'is crust of bread, ragged me trigger na 'e's brahn bread.
That's me in the bloody Johnnie Horner, that's me in the spotlight.
Song LyricsThe SongThe Artist
So, so ya fin' ya can tell 'eaven from Gypsy Nell, blue skies from Cynthia.
Hairy biscuits and cheese alla me ter introduce myself.
Damien Hirst born unicorn, 'ard core soft Frankie Vaughan.
I fin' of ya and let it Scapa Fla.
She was the bleedin' Mae West blimey gooseberry puddin' that I ever pearly queen.
I’ve got aw me porridge knife ter bee 'ive and i’ve got aw me golden dove ter give
I can orange peel your power just loike a weavers' chair.
I said 'ey! wagwan?
Smoke on the ten furlongs, Jeremiah in the apple pie.
Lend me your Britney Spears and i'll sin' ya a din' dong.

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