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Can you name the common word in French when given it's meaning?

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Word MeaningEn Francais
A memento
Refers to an additional performance, usually requested with audience applause
Engaged person, betrothed
Not professional, unskilful
Social blunder
'Type' (Used mostly in art and film)
'There it is!'
On the way
Mashed paper
Have a good trip.
'Good appetite' - 'Enjoy your food'
Word MeaningEn Francais
A dangerously attractive woman.
In English, this refers only to a particular type of food/cooking
A critical review of something or the act of performing such a review
Best of its kind
A thoroughfare that is closed at one end - a blind alley.
Literally the abbreviation of 'Répondez, s'il vous plaît'.
With regards to/In relation to (Literally 'face to face')
Illusion of having experienced something already

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