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Vowelless TitleSong TitleArtist
Snshn f Yr LvCrm
Lsng My RlgnR..M
Cmfrtbly NmbPnk Flyd
Cn Y Fl th Lv Tnghtltn Jhn
Smk n Th WtrDp Prpl
Stsfctn Th Rllng Stns
Lght My FrTh Drs
Lk Rllng StnBb Dyln
ll lng Th WtchtwrJm Hndrx
Bck n BlckC/DC
Smlls Lke Tn SprtNrvn
Strwy t HvnLd Zppln
Wth r Wtht Y2
Vowelless TitleSong TitleArtist
rn MnBlck Sbbth
Cls t th dgYs
Wnn B SdtdTh Rmns
Bb 'RlyTh Wh
Bll JnMchl Jcksn
N Wmn, N CryBb Mrly
Sspcs Mndslvs
Htl ClfrnTh gls
Bhmn RhpsdyQn
Swt Chld ' MnGns 'N Rss
Dy n th lfeTh Btls
Lk PryrMdnn

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