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Can you name the job title the people with these job descriptions would have?

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Job DescriptionJob Title
A jailer
A peddler (seller) of fruits and vegetables
A beer manufacturer
A baker
A roof tiler
An arrow maker
A hat maker
A curer of hides
A merchant
A bailiff
A shoe maker
A bird hunter
A coal miner
A bargeman
A barrel maker
A minstrel
A potter
Someone who works with brass
Job DescriptionJob Title
A metal worker
A goldsmith
A stonemason
A candle maker
A dealer in hay
A blacksmith
A peddler (travelling salesman)
A farmer
A cloth goods cleaner
A falconer
A wagon driver
A fish peddler
A dealer in dry goods
A wig maker
A female writer
A peddler (seller) of books
one who drives cattle, sheep, etc to market
A fence inspector

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