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Twisted Into Form
Terrible Certainty
Ritually Abused
The Joke's on You
Intercourse and Lust
Black Thrash Attack
Divinity of Death
Epidemic of Violence
Easier to Lie
Envoy of Lucifer
Game Over
Perfect Progeny
The Daily Horror News
Enter the Grave
The New Age of Terror
Night Assassins
Fields of Rot
Perfection in Pain
Blind Date with Violence
Hell Awaits
First Depression
More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral
Spread the Fire
Money Talks
Problems to the Answer
Ghouls of Grandeur
Malevolent Rapture
3rd Stage of Decay
God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not
Why Play Around?
Existence is Futile
Main Frame Collapse
Unexpected Being
Infernal Connection
When Obscenity Becomes the Norm... Awake!
Think This
Beyond Recognition
Made Me Do It
Killing Technology
Tapping the Vein
Living for Death, Destroying the Rest
Symphony for the Devil
Kill 'em All
The Full Treatment
Socialized Hate
A Higher Form of Killing
Release From Agony
If at First You Don't Succeed
Blood Money
Parody of Life
The Birth of Tragedy
Say Uncle
Weave the Apocalypse
Waking Into Nightmares
There Will Be Blood
Death Potion
To Mega Therion
Enjoy the Violence
Time Is Up
Crime Always Pays
Shotgun Justice
The Sane Asylum
Spectrum of Death
Finished With the Dogs
The Evolution of Chaos
Twilight Dominion
Murder Metal
Road to Bloodshed
Drunk or Dead
Speak English or Die
Devils Poison
Mental Vortex
Neverending Destiny
When Death Comes
Malleus Maleficarum
Slaughter in the Vatican
Thrash Notes
Homage to Martyrs
The Reckoning
Apocalyptic Nightmare
Nothing's Sacred
Cut From Stone
Kill to Survive
The Dark
The Rules Have Been Disturbed
Beyond the Permafrost
Double Brutal
Time Does Not Heal
Killer Instinct
I Hate Therefore I Am
Collision Course
Dealing With It!
Depths of Death
Persistence of Time
Do or Die
Disturbing the Noise
Join the Army
Man of Straw
The American Way
Made for the Violent Age
Killing is My Business...and Business is Good
Conclusion of an Age
Heavy Metal Maniac
Sanctify the Darkness
Grand Feast for Vultures
Ooh Crikey It's...
Chemical Assault
Holy Target
Mission Executed
The Art of Partying
Then Came the Killing
Chaos Reign Supreme
Dawn of the Stillborn
Manic Impressions
Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow
Under the Spell
The Ultra-Violence
We Will Destroy...You Will Obey!!!
Upside Down
Seven Churches
Protected From Reality
State of Insurgency
The New Order
Retaliatory Strike
Unstoppable Force
Dead Brain Cells
Pleasures of the Flesh
Layers of Lies
You Axed for It!
Oppressing the Masses
Insurrection Rising
Complete Annihilation
Forward to Termination
Uncertain Future
A Tribute to Insanity
The Onslaught
Accelerated Living
Storm Alert
Taking Over
Path to Oblivion
Infernal Thrashing Holocaust
Phoenix Rising
Demon Preacher
Visual Violence
Mind Wars
Lament for the Weary
Shark Attack
Feast for the Hated
Citizen Brain
Surge Kill Steal
The Principle of Doubt
Lost In Violence
Awaiting Evil
Phantom Knights
Conjure and Command
Vicious Attack
Violence Has Arrived
None Shall Defy
Fog of War
Decay of Humanity
Ostatni wojownik
Into the Dark Past
Act of God
Annihilation of Civilization
Deletion of Humanoise
Metal Anarchy
Deathrace King
Seventh Day of Doom
One World Without the End
Exiled to Earth
In the Name of Blood
No Place For Disgrace
Eternal Nightfall
Never, Neverland
Wayward Sons of Mother Earth
Deathrash Assault
Metal Inquisition
Diabolical Desecration
Tower of Spite
Kuoleman laulukunnaat
The Old Family Is Still Alive
Supernatural Addiction
Hope You Die by Overdose
No Anaesthesia!
Satan's Boundaries Unchained
Self-titled (Initials RM)
When You Were Shouting at the Devil... We Were in League with Satan
Tragedy Strikes
Black Future
Syzygial Miscreancy
Stress Related
Into the Abyss
Born to Expire
The Work of Idle Hands
The Politics of Ecstasy
In Hatred's Flame
Chapter Chaos Begins
Mayhemic Destruction
Extreme Hatred
Devil Reveals
Religion Blindness
Brain Damage
Gross Misconduct
Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm
Immortal Force
Evoking Demons
Royal Straight Flesh
Haunts of Violence
The Awakening
Sorceress Bitch
Widespread Bloodshed / Love Runs Red
Fatal Exposure
Cycle Of Pain
Beg to Differ
Hellfire's Dominion
Ties of Blood
And the Worst Is Yet to Come
Into the Mirror Black
The Feast Begins at Dawn
Shattered Existence
Victims of Science
Legions of Violence
Oddech wymarłych światów
Welcome to the Asylum
Absolute Power
Arrival of the Carnivore
Viimeinen Atlantis
Condemned to Eternity
Songs For Insects
Once Dead
Killing Peace
Ugass kutya!
Ticket to Mayhem
Momentum Shift
The Upcoming Terror
Fatal Violence
Issue VI
Possessed by Fire
Atheist Crusade
Death & Insanity
Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes
The Fear
Raging Steel
Fool's Game
Speed Metal Sentence
Biotronic Genesis
Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers
Control and Resistance
Where Moshers Dwell
Anthems of Resistance
Two (Poverty)
Within the Veil
The Pillars of Humanity
Chopping Block Blues
Kill or Be Killed
Within Suffering
Blessed Is the Black
Brutal Destruction
Two Sides of a Coin
Hate Division
World Gone Dead
Dead End

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