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It's a ring!! Set with a large, black sapphire.
It's a leather pouch!!
There is something out of the ordinary about this torch but you can't put your finger on it.
It's a white stone of unknown origin. A fine thing to gamble away in a good card game!!
It's a jet black skeleton key.
It's a dark blue gemstone that is as big as the pommel of a sword!!
It's a heavy shield. There are only a few dents on it.
This coin has a mark on it that looks like a human skull.
The frame of this fine mirror is laced with silver and gold.
Aha!! It's an orb made of silver. Its glowing surface causes your skin to tingle.
This spear is some seven feet long. The tip seems to be made of finely forged silver.
It's a torch. An oil soaked rag is wrapped around it.
It's a small silver bottle. What is it? It sure smells terrible!!
This rod is made of cast iron.
The glass vial is filled with a clear liquid. The sign of the cross is on it.
This jewel-studded scepter is truly made for a king!!
It's an ornate carving of a shooting star. The object is made of silver and is extremely heavy.
It's an ancient, leather bound parchment.
This crystal sphere is as cold as ice.
Druidic script winds its way around this staff. You can feel power emanating from it!
This bone has been picked clean.
These glasses are worn. They've probably been used for a long time.
It's a black iron poker. It is used to stir the embers of an ongoing fire.
It's a leather pouch!!
It's the family crest of Sir Dugan himself.
It is a large coin with a well engraved on it.
It's an empty test tube on a wooden rack.
It's a small leather sling. This would come in handy for long-range battles!!
It's an ancient gnome war hammer. This weapon does not show the signs of battle.
It's an ancient, leather bound parchment.
It's a gauntlet of silver plate. It bears the symbol of the Circle of Twelve.
This small silver bottle lines with a lustrous shine. You notice that the bottle is impossibly light!!
This horseshoe seems to have taken quite a beating.
It's an ancient, leather bound parchment.
It's some sort of spike that is made from precious metals. OUCH!! The tips are as sharp as needles.
This rather heavy talisman is made of gold and is extremely sharp along its edges. It shines with an incredible brilliance!
It's a pewter goblet, which glows with a lustrous shine.
This fine map of the lands of Tarkus is quite detailed, although incomplete.
It's a double-edged broadsword. The handle has druidic script written upon it.
The horn is forged of flawless platinum. Its beauty is unbelievable!!
It's a small iron key.
This wooden bellows has stoked many a floundering fire.
It seems to be the skull of some unfortunate individual.
This seems to be a helmet of the sort commonly worn by hobgoblins.
This rusty lock doesn't seem to have been used for a long time.
It's a silver vial.
This broom looks remarkably like the one owned by the sirens of the isle of Yeklum Iret.
It's an ancient, leather bound parchment.
This jar is extremely slimy.
This stone would not be good for skipping.
A finely crafted silver arrow is not uncommon in the elven lands.
Hey!! Wait a minute!! This is no gold coin. It's but a brass slug. What a royal rip!!
This key bears a skull. This must be a skeleton key.
It's a leather pouch!!
It's a small iron key.
It's an ancient, leather bound parchment.
It's a small, wooden flute. It looks like it could make wonderful music.
It's a fine red ruby!! The color reminds you of your adventure across the sea of blood.
This heavy cloak contains no frivolous adornments, such as pockets or a hood.
It's a small brass key.
It's a wand of sorts. Carved on the side of the wand is a small picture of a serpent.
It's a small black bottle with a cork on top.
This book looks quite old. The words 'The Prophecy' is written on it.

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