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prevention: chloroquine resistant
This drug is used for second therapy during advanced CNS African trypanosomiasis, as it is more expensive
amphotericin acts by creating one of these, causing cell death
This is the only drug that has proven to be effective against West form gambiense
Trypanosomiasis: this drug is highly toxic, due to reactive encephalopathy
primaquine is often combined with this drug to target blood parasites
protein synthesis inhibitors should be combined with this antimalarial
prevention: multidrug sensitive falciparum
this polyene antifungal is alternative therapy for visceral and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis
Trypanosomiasis: this drug has dangers of renal and cardiac toxicity
pentamidine is toxic to these islet cells
This is the 1st line therapy for malaria in many African countries
Prevention: reserved alternative, must check G6PD deficiency
melarsoprol and eflornithine are used for this stage of African trypanosomiasis
pentamidine can cause toxicity in this organ
avoid using this antimalarial during pregnancy
Folate antagonist: use for PCP
suramin and pentamidine are use for this stage of African trypanosomiasis
this drug is used in the US for acute Chagas disease
this drug produces free radicals against multi drug resistant p falciparum
This blood schizonticide has erratic oral bioavailability and has the risk for cardiac toxicity
Use this drug for severe malaria, but watch for cardiac toxicity
This is the first line agent for cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis
Drug Choice: chloroquine resistant p vivax pregnant woman
this antimalarial is combined with quinine when treating pregnant women
Use this technique to monitor QT elongation
side effect of clindamycin
tmp smz can cause these four side effects
Not available in the US, this drug can treat acute Chagas disease
Drug Choice: uncomplicated malaria
This side effect of maloprim affects your immune system
originally developed as an antineoplastic, used for both forms of leishmaniasis, with side effects of nephrotoxicity
This antiprotozoal can result in pancreatic toxicity, especially in HIV+ pts
a trivalent arsenic drug for advanced CNS stage African trypanosomiasis, must be kept in an iv glass syringe
Drug Choice: when faced with chloroquine resistant vivax, give this drug in addition to quinine
At the moment, there is no effective drug for this type of Chagas disease
Folate antagonist: use for toxoplasmosis
pregnant women should NOT use these two antimalarials
This expensive drug for trypanosomiasis is an inhibitor of ornithine decarboxylase.
This multi use antiprotozoal is used for pcp, leishmaniasis, AND trypanosoma
This prophylaxis/treatment combo drug is rumored to disrupt mitochondrial electron transport
Drug Choice: chloroquine resistant
These two protein synthesis inhibitors are used for malarial prophylaxis
This drug for leishmaniasis should not be taken by pregnant women
Fansidar can cause these adverse effects, where the epidermis separates from the dermis
This drug is IV administered during the early hemolymphatic stage African trypanosomiasis caused by T b rhodensiense
This drug for leishmaniasis has the adverse effects of qt prolongation, hemolytic anemia, and liver toxicity

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