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Only VCA-IgM is present in this EBV infection
20-30% of Dengue Fever pts will progress to this disorder
This antigen is expressed in all EBV associated malignancies, contributes to cell growth and transformation
If Epstein Barr Nuclear Antigen is present, you can rule out this type of EBV infection
aka breakbone, febrile phase of a flavivirus
This virus causes symptoms similar to other hemorrhagic fever infections but with more pronounced effects
is it unknown how this virus is spread to humans
Ebola and Marburg are from this virus family
EBV oncogenesis: this protein induces cellular transformation and promotes cell motility and invasion
damage to vascular endothelium, capillary toxicity is the main sign of infection by this group of viruses
symptoms of this virus: fever, night sweats, malaise, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, lymphocytosis, lymphadenopathy, splenatomegaly
this disease is rarely fatal, treatment is symptomatic only, immunity is lifelong, but serotype specific
'blueberry muffin baby' describes a newborn infected with
Retinitis, if found in AIDS patient, suggests this virus
this is a typical finding of hemorrhagic fever, and accounts for the excess bleeding
This protein appears to enhance telomerase activity in b cell activity
characterized by a variety of cutaneous and systemic manifestations, the effects of this disease are due to vascular instability and bleeding
CMV infection, Group A strep, lymphoma, herpes, are all differentials to consider when diagnosing this infection
25 - 50% of mono pts have these type of complications, which include anemia and platelet disorders
which fever lasts longer, cmv or ebv?
Symptoms of this disease: fever, myalgia, headache, prostration, hemorrhage, conjunctival injection, coagulopathy, capillary leak, hypotension, shock
IgG, EBNA, and EA, when found together, are signs of this EBV infection
This virus is a large danger for immunosuppressed pts and neonates, such as aids and bmt
this group of viruses have toxic effects on endothelial cells, disrupt interferon a and b,
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma and B cell lymphoma is part of the differential of this pathogen
heterophile test positive is a red flag for this 'kissing disease'
The highest incidence of this virus is between 15-24 years, college students and military
dengue fever, spread by mosquitoes, is due to this virus
Early antigens: if present, the EBV infection could either be acute or ___________
leukopenia and thrombocytopenia are common findings, hemorrhagic complications may also appear, of this febrile disease
This fever is characterized by maculopapular rash, arthralgia, capillary friability, positive tourniquet test
These are the two drugs of choice for cmv
this virus has four serotypes: den 1-4
enveloped RNA viruses seen in the third world cause this disease
A small percentage of flavivirus pts will progress to this shock syndrome
EBV, pharyngitis, atypical pneumonia, HIV, hepatitis, are all differentials to consider when diagnosing this pathogen
arthropod vectors transmit this group of viruses
Previous infection with one strain of flavivirus puts pts at higher risk for these two conditions
CMV will have elevated levels of _______, to differ from EBV mono
When treated with these two drugs, mono patients will develop a characteristic rash
members of the herpesviridae family, these enveloped dna viruses cause persistent infections by latently infecting diff cell types
These high mortality viruses are potential biological warfare agents
When infected with CMV. AIDS patients skew towards these symptoms
VCA-IgG and EBNA are found only, this leads you to suspect this kind of EBV infection
CMV will have absence of
This virus is the causative agent of infectious mononucleosis
haloed inclusion, aka 'owls eye inclusion,' is a cellular sign of this viral infection
This virus produces these lab findings: heterophile antibodies, IgM antibodies to viral capsid antigens
a severe febrile disease with complaints of rapid onset of high fever, headache, retro orbital pain, diffuse and severe body pain, weakness, maculopapular rash
Virus: long threadlike, unusual morphology, mode of transmission not understood
this virus is a polyclonal b cell activator that results in elevated serum Ig and the presence of heterophile antibodies
This virus results in a common infection, mostly asymptomatic, lifelong latency, prefers monocytes
This protein engages multiple signaling cascades to induce activation
immunosuppression is a hallmark of fatal infections with this virus

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