Pathognomonic Signs

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Stony-dull percussion
Koplik's spots
Murphy's sign (pain on deep inspiration when inflamed gallbladder is palpated)
Owl's eye appearance ofinclusion bodies[3][4]
Pain within minutes[6] after drinking alcohol.[7]
Rose spots in abdomen
Filamentous material seen in inclusion bodies under electron microscopy
Erythema chronicum migrans[5]
Reed-Sternberg cells (giant mono- and multinucleated cells).
Plexiform neurofibroma
Chipmunk facies (parotid gland swelling) (Chipmunk facies also seen in marrow expansion secondary to Beta Thalassemia Major)
Leonine facies (thickened lion-like facial skin)
Kernig's sign andBrudzinski's sign
Levine's sign (hand clutching of chest)
Pericardial friction rub
Grey-Turner's sign(ecchymosis in flank area)
White blood cell casts
Machine-like murmur
Aschoff nodules
Pseudomembrane on tonsils, pharynx and nasal cavity
Risus sardonicus
Third heart sound
Trousseau sign andChvostek sign
Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia
Pill-rolling tremors
Auer rod
Rice-watery stool
Oculo-Masticatory Myorhythmia
Hydrophobia and Negri bodies

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