Klapstein - Movement disorder pharm treatment

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This synthetic dopamine agonist is purely active at D2
treatment of choice for tourette's
riluzole should be used with caution when this organ is damaged
These are direct acting dopamine agonists derived from ergot
This synthetic dopamine agonist is preferential for D3 receptor
dihydroxyphenylacetic acid is a metabolite of this drug
This opthalmologic finding is a contraindication for ldopa
This drug alleviates chorea in huntington's disease yet can result in agranulocytosis
Name 2 MAO B inhibitors
If given within 2 weeks of this drug, ldopa can produce hypertensive crisis
this effective dopamine agonist is an agonist of both D1 and D2
this enzyme converts l dopa to dopamine
the trade name of one carbidopa-levodopa combination
this dopamine agonist is primarily a D2 agonist
this GI symptom is a contraindication for Ldopa
the only approved treatment for ALS
This dopamine agonist is administered SC and provides temporary relief for akinesia and ED
Name 2 COMT inhibitors
HVA and DOPAC can be found here within 8 hrs of ldopa intake
This enzyme degrades catecholamines such as dopamine, epi, and NE
chorea is primarily due to an abundance of this NT
dopamine prodrug
an inhibitor of dopa decarboxylase
this vitamin enhances the metabolism of Ldopa
homovanillic acid is a metabolite of this drug
new synthetic dopamine agonists
what dermatologic sign is a contraindication for L dopa?
This indirect drug increases dopamine release and reduces dopamine reuptake in the substantia nigra
MAOI + Ldopa within 2 weeks = ?

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