Myeloproliferative Disorders - Ferrell

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Imatinib is used for this disorder
uric acid can result in this GI disorder
lymphadenopathy is a late finding, associated with a poor prognosis of this disorder
this word refers to pain in the limbs
secondary gout is when uric acid accumulates here
when blood is formed outside of bone marrow
use this drug to treat increased uric acid
this disorder involves a mutation in tyrosine kinase JAK2
This treatment reduces RBC count and iron stores in pts with PV
deposition of uric acid in the skin causes this symptom
vertigo, tinnitus, headache, visual deficit, and TIA are unique syndromes associated with this blood thickness property
this cytokine would be used intermittently with caution for PV
these patients will give you a dry spinal tap
aquagenic pruritis is due to an increase in this component
those with IMF, if positive for this, have a poorer prognosis
this is intense itching brought on by contact with water and is CLASSIC for PV
Very high dose radiation like atomic bombs is correlated with this leukemia
if a myelogenous disorder is going to progress, it is likely to progress into this
This drug is used for palliative care of CML
this symptom of PV is caused by thrombocytosis and manifests as erythema, burning, and pain in the extremities
night sweats, weight loss, mild fever, joint pain are the barely unique symptoms of this
The 9, 22 chromosome translocation is present in 95% of patients with this leukemia
lab findings of PV show increase in
metabolism of uric acid is in this organ
definition: high uric acid in the blood, due to RBC turnover
this is the curative treatment for cml
the philadelphia chromosome is a result of this type of translocation
a patient complaining of left shoulder pain, due to radiation from the diaphragm, could be due to this organ
this is a very rare disorder with no specific pathophysiology or etiology
tear drop cells and nucleated RBCs are signs of this location of hematopoiesis
vaso occlusive disease and pruritis are unique characteristics of this disorder
this is a nonspecific disease of exclusion with no treatment
unique symptoms of this disorder involves hypertension, thrombosis, and aquagenic pruritis

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