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factor of hemophilia C
recombinant tissue plasminogen activators that preferentially activate the fibrin bound plasminogen
Thrombolytic drug: a human enzyme that DIRECTLY converts plasminogen to plasmin
clopidogrel and ticlopidine antagonize this receptor
This chimeric mab against IIb/IIIa receptor blocks the vibronectin receptor as well
this most common cause of coagulation disorder is characterized by a dearth of platelets
inhibition of the ADP receptor is beneficial when a patient cannot tolerate this drug
adverse effects of eaca:
serine protease inhibitor, inhibits plasmin mediated fibrinolysis
clopidogrel should not be taken with these type of drugs
this type of drug is used to manage acute myocardial infaction (adj)
The final step for the activation of platelet aggregation involves the binding of this receptor
Adverse effects of this fibrinolytic inhibitor: intravascular thrombosis, hypotension
this easily deformed cell has receptors for ADP, thrombin, TXA2, and fibrinogen
the most common hereditary coagulation disorder, due to a clotting deficiency
fibrinogen binds to a platelet via this receptor
This protein activates plasminogen into plasmin
TTP and neutropenia are adverse effects of these antiplatelet agents
This antiplatelet agent is a smaller molecule, similar to eptifibatide
Aka plavix, this prodrug inhibits p2y12 on platelets to prevent thrombosis
Given in an IV bolus, this mutant recombinant t-PA has a longer half life than alteplase and reteplase
Aka christmas disease, hemophilia B is deficient in
This drug is an irreversible thromboxane inhibitor
synthetic inhibitor of fibrinolysis, inhibits plasminogen activation
inherited coagulation disorder, mostly affects males
Thrombolytic: This bacterial protein catalyzes the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin
this fibrinolytic inhibitor reduces bleeding from surgery
Used in severely ill pts, this antiplatelet is an analog of the delta chain of fibrinogen
a fat soluble substance given to all newborns
P2Y12 is the name of this platelet receptor
abciximab, eptifibatide, and tirofiban block this receptor

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