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These organs are most affected by PV
CML and MM share high levels of this purine byproduct
this is the most dominant cell line affected by PV
When JAK2 is mutated, cells become abnormally sensitive to this glycoprotein hormone
in this myelogenous disorder, myeloid cells do not spill into the blood
This disorder can result in a ruddy complexion
Besides blast crisis, CML can also progress to this disorder, where bone marrow is replaced with scar tissue
This chromosome is present in 90% of patients with CML
This is the principle site of extramedullary hematopoiesis
A mutation in this tyrosine kinase can lead to PV
High Hct/Hb, splenomegaly, and increased RBC mass are major diagnostic criteria of:
This is the formation of stacks of RBCs observed in peripheral blood
In this stage of cml, one can find nodular tumors on the skin
This type of PV is a stem cell disorder
This component of Virchow's Triad contributes to headache
Only blast cells are present in this myelogenous disorder
in this disorder, LAP levels are elevated
In MM, there is malignant proliferation of these platelet forming cells,
For a CML CBC, you can expect markedly increased levels of this cell
PV involves excessive release of this cytokine
in the accelerated phase of cml, there is an increase in this type of immature cell
In late PV, the bone marrow can become ____________
This disorder is characterized by a genetic abnormality
High rate of cell turnover can produce excessive amounts of this byproduct
this clinical disorder describes an abnormally elevated hemoglobin or hematocrit
in bone marrow, transformation into myelofibrosis marks the beginning of this phase
In regards to time, CML and PV are examples of this type of myeloproliferative disorder
the chronic phase of cml lasts for about this many years
This proper noun describes the three thrombolytic properties of PV
This is the most prominent picture of Myeloid metaplasia
In CML the transformed pluripotent stem cells predominantly differentiate into this type of cell
Subcapsular infacts of the spleen are a characteristic finding of this disorder
Look for decreased levels of this enzyme to differentiate cml from infection
this type of cell is any leukocyte that is NOT a lymphocyte
this acute condition occurs after the accelerated phase in CML patients
Excessive histamine release can result in this GI disease
Hepatic vein thrombosis is associated with this myeloproliferative disorder`
extramedullary hematopoiesis in the liver is characteristic of which disease

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