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sideroblastic and thalassemia anemias result in this cell size
this csf can result in bone pain and splenic rupture
these non-anemia drugs can cause folate deficiency
Vit B12 can be stored for this amount of years
aplastic anemia results in this cell size
this is a megakaryocyte growth factor
this oral iron therapy is the most efficiently absorbed, at 25%
fetal hemoglobin does not contain this chain
the advantage of pegfilgrastim is that it has a long __________
IL 11 is used to treat this disease of low platelets
deficiency of this nutrient can result in fetal neural tube defects such as spina bifida
These drugs are potent iron chelating agents
filgrastim is an example of this myeloid growth factor
B12 must bind to this protein in the blood in order to be transported to all body tissues
use of this cytokine can result in cardiovascular side effects
these two types of anemia result in increased serum iron
megaloblastic anemia is treated with either of these nutrients
Microbial synthesis is the primary source of this nutrient
iron dextran, iron sucrose complex, iron sodium gluconate are examples of ____________ iron therapy
iron dextran can cause this life threatening reaction
this cycle is the sole pathway for the creation of thymine nucleotide
Hemochromatosis is seen in ________ iron toxicity
excess iron is deposited in these organs
When life long, B12 should be administered _________ly.
this drug increases the number of peripheral platelets and neutrophils
sargramostim is an example of this myeloid growth factor
One would treat this toxicity with whole bowel irrigation
Malabsorption due to celiac disease can cause __________ deficiency
Only for those without anemia, this treatment should be done regularly for chronic iron toxicity
this iron chelator is used for liver iron overload
this myeloid growth factor is used for mobilization of pbsc
B12 deficiency is uniquely associated with this type of abnormality
black stool and constipation are side effects of this therapy
this is the treatment for anemia due to chronic renal failure
This microcytic anemia results in ZERO bone marrow iron
The organ of EPO production
this csf can result in dose related fever and capillary leak syndrome
deficiency of folic acid and b12 can result in an elevated level of this amino acid precursor
Iron is not to be given to those with __________ anemia
this microcytic anemia is unresponsive to iron therapy
Def: irregularly shaped cells
this iron chelater is used for thalassemia major
Def: various sizes
patients suffering from this disorder must receive rbc transfusion for a LONG period of time and are at risk for iron overload
Vegans are susceptible to a deficiency in:
IL 11 is a growth factor of these large cells

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