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adenosine analog with enteric coating, phenylalanine chewables, take on empty stomach
This area has the most substantial loss of cd4 T cells
HIV can lead to a false negative when testing for this disease
An important prognosticator of late stage disease
entry inhibitor, ccr5
Activation of this immune cell initiates viral replication
Lamivudine should be coadministered with this combo drug
This protease inhibitor can cause hyperbilirubinemia with overt jaundice, increase in qt interval
definition: AIDS wasting
Acronym: therapy for AIDS
Skin rash is a common result of these two nnrti
Disfiguring major side effect of protease inhibitors
Long term non progressors have strong production of __________
Known as azt, this is used in preventing vertical transmission of HIV
toxoplasma, mycobacterium, pneumocystis, and herpes cause this type of infection for aids patients
this NRTI has dose dependent pancreatitis
This class of drugs does not need phosphorylation and does not compete with nucleoside triphosphate
lamivudine is a ______ analog
These HIV seropositive patients never progress to AIDS
abacavir associated with this HLA
This NRTI should be avoided if the patient is taking didanosine
delavirdine, efavirenz, and PI's are ______ of cyp enzymes
This NRTI is used to treat hep B and should be administered with TMP SMZ
take this nnrti on an empty stomach, but watch out for CNS toxicity
Heterozygosity of this compound imparts protection to AIDS
abacavir can cause this type of reaction
zalcitabine should not be given with this NRTI
Test: viral load
integrase inhibitor
This protein product is bound to CD4 and CXCR4 chemokine receptors
PI: most potent inhibitor of cyp3a4
PI for pregnant women
these inhibitors prevent cleavage of gag pol polyprotein, resulting in immature noninfectious viral particles
This gene encodes the reverse transcriptase, integrase, and protease
This nnrti is a moderate inducer of cyp3a4
Coinfection with this virus promotes cytokines that resist AIDS
it is important to maintain hydration on an empty stomach with this protease inhibitor
this NRTI should not be taken with tetracycline or fluoroquinolone
this class affects p450 and limits its effectiveness and creation
Protease inhibitors have this suffix
Test: detect antibodies to HIV
mucosal ulcers and rash are part of the nonspecific symptoms of __________infection
fusion entry inhibitors act on these receptors
Test: detect HIV specific proteins
This NRTI competes with Stavudine and can cause myelosuppression
The major receptor used by HIV to infect T cells
AZT's highest toxicity
This gene makes the protein of the outer coating of the virus
This enzyme cleaves viral proteins for viral assembly
env cleaves this to form gp120+gp41
This PI is contraindicated with pts with hepatic failure and sulfa drug allergies
when given with lopinavir, this drug acts as a pharmacologic enhancer
NRTI requires phosphorylation by _______ enzymes
oral guanosine analog that can cross the bbb
NRTI: This analog of deoxythymidine can cause peripheral neuropathy
fusion inhibitor of gp41
hyperpigmentation of the palms is a side effect of this drug
these 3 drugs should be taken on an empty stomach
This fluorinated analog of lamivudine can be taken once daily
The C in ABC stands for
This type of HIV is found worldwide
This disease is the leading cause of infectious mortality in the world
emtricitabine's oral solution contains this and is thus contraindicated in pregnant women and children
The first T cells to die are those that are specific for fighting _____infection
These cells initiate infection by transporting HIV from mucosal surfaces to lymphoid tissue
hepatic steatosis and lipid metabolism disorder is an adverse reaction of this class of drugs
During the early stage of HIV infection, this serum measurement is your most important predictor of progressive disease
The window period between infection and seroconversion is about ________ days
These patients have some degree of detectable viremia, but develop hiv about a decade later than normal

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