Who Killed That Star Wars Character?

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Can you name the Star Wars character who killed the character named?

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Qui-Gon GinnLightsaber
Darth MaulLightsaber
Zam WesellPoison dart
Shmi Skywalker-LarsTorture
The ReekBlaster
Jango FettLightsaber
Count DookuLightsaber
General GrievousBlaster
Saesee TiinLightsaber
Agen KolarLightsaber
Kit FistoLightsaber
Mace WinduForce lightning
Nute GunrayLightsaber
Captain AntillesStrangulation
Owen Lars and Beru Larsunknown
Obi-Wan KenobiLightsaber
Biggs DarklighterBlast from enemy ship
The WampaLightsaber
Admiral OzzelStrangulation
The RancorA very heavy door
Boba FettEaten
Jabba the HuttStrangulation
Emperor PalpatineTossed down a shaft
Anakin SkywalkerAssisted suicide

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