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Can you name the TV series that these new pairs of siblings come from?

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SiblingsProgramYears Running
Chris & Meg1999-????
Charlie & Don2005-2010
Matt & Mary1996-2007
Lincoln & Michael2005-2009
Kyle & Ike1997-????
Richie & Joanie1974-1984
Alex & Mallory1982-1989
Dan & J.D.2001-2010
Ashley & Carlton1990-1996
Sydney & Jane1992-1999
Dana & Karen1991-1998
Jerri & Derrick1999-2000
Shannon & Boone2004-2010
Andrew & Danielle2004-2012
Pete & Pete1993-1996
Rick & A.J.1981-1989
J.R & Bobby1978-1991
Chuck & Ellie2007-????
Bridget & Kerry2002-2005
Hillary & Michael2005-2007
SiblingsProgramYears Running
Chris & Tanya2005-2009
Marissa & Kaitlin2003-2007
Tia & Tamera1994-1999
Ben & Jerry1990-1991
Mark & Michelle1985-????
Mitchell & Claire2009-????
Sam & Lindsay1999-2000
Nicholas & Tommy1977-1981
Cory & Eric1993-2000
Claire & Tess2001-2009
Judy & Elroy1962-1988
Kevin & Kitty2006-2011
Val & Holly2002-2006
Larry & Daryl1982-1990
Danny & Liberty2001-????
Arnold & Willis1978-1986
Sarah & David1960-????
Randy & Brad1991-1999
Brian & Lynn1986-1990
Adam & Eric1959-1973

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