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Can you name the TV series that these pairs of siblings come from?

Updated Jun 18, 2013

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SiblingsProgramYears Running
Hilda and Zelda1996-2003
Greg and Marcia1969-1974
Bart and Lisa1989-????
Lucas and Nathan2003-2012
Laura and Eddie1989-1998
Eric and Laurie1998-2006
Tommy and Michael2006-2008
Dennis and Dee2005-????
Earl and Randy2005-2009
Sookie and Jason2008-????
Kelly and Bud1987-1997
Delia and Ephram2002-2006
Phil and Lil1991-2004
Danny and Tracy1970-1974
Kevin and Wayne1988-1993
Michael and Buster2003-2006
Nathan and Peter2006-2010
Mike and Carol1985-1992
Nurse Joy and Nurse Joy1998-????
Sam and Dean2005-????
SiblingsProgramYears Running
Lexie and Meredith2005-????
Brighton and Maggie1993-1999
Ray and Robert1996-2005
Malcolm and Reese2000-2006
Charlie and Alan2003-????
Brenda and Brandon1990-2000
Tony and Janice1999-2007
Nate and David2001-2005
Laura and Mary1974-1983
Hilda and Betty2006-2010
Niles and Frasier1993-2004
Roseanne and Jackie1988-1997
Theo and Rudy1984-1992
D.J. and Stephanie1987-1995
Ross and Monica1994-2004
Dexter and Debra2006-????
Roger and Dee1976-1979
Piper and Phoebe1998-2006
Wally and The Beav1957-1963
Vincent and Johnny2004-2011

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