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Can you name the TV series that these fictional mothers and fathers are from?

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ParentsProgramYears Running
Cliff & Clair Huxtable1984-1992
Ben Cartwright1959-1973
Jed & Abbey Bartlet1999-2006
Stu & Didi Pickles1991-2004
Gomez & Morticia Addams1964-1966
Fred G. Sanford1972-1977
Randy & Sharon Marsh1997-
Morty & Helen Seinfeld1990-1998
Shirley Partridge1970-1974
Phil & Claire Dunphy2009-
Shirley & Andre Bennett2009-2015
Frank & Marie Barone1996-2005
Tony & Carmela Soprano1999-2007
Herman & Lily Munster1964-1966
Hank & Peggy Hill1997-2010
Al Bundy & Peg Bundy1987-1997
Archie & Edith Bunker1971-1979
Jason & Maggie Seaver1985-1992
George and Lucille Bluth2003-2006
Steven & Elyse Keaton1982-1989
ParentsProgramYears Running
Jack & Norma Arnold1988-1993
Dan & Roseanne Conner1988-1997
Ward & June Cleaver1957-1963
Peter & Lois Griffin1999-
Edina Monsoon1992-2004
Homer & Marge Simpson1989-
Guy & Sara Blank1999-2000
Tim & Jill Taylor1991-1999
Tom & Joan Bradford1977-1981
Walter & Skyler White2008-2013
Ross Geller & Rachel Green1994-2004
Don & Betty Draper2007-2015
Martin & Hester Crane1993-2004
Charles & Caroline Ingalls1974-1983
Harold & Jean Weir1999-2000
Nathaniel & Ruth Fisher2001-2005
Howard & Marion Cunningham1974-1984
Red & Kitty Forman1998-2006
Mike & Carol Brady1969-1974
Marvin & Judy Eriksen2005-2014

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