Episode Title References: The Simpsons (Misc.)

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Can you name the original titles or expressions that these Simpsons episodes titles are referencing?

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Episode TitleOriginal Title/Name/Expression etc.Type
Radioactive ManSuperhero
Mom and Pop ArtPhrase
C.E. D'ohJob Position
Home Sweet Homediddily-Dum-DoodilyPhrase
The Father, The Son, and the Holy Guest StarReligious Doctrine
All's Fair in Oven WarPhrase
Bart's CometComet
Homie the ClownCharacter
Lisa the GreekNickname
G.I. D'ohToy
The Wandering JuvieMedieval Folklore Figure
Yokel ChordsMucous Membrane
Hardly Kirk-ingPhrase
Hungry Hungry HomerBoard Game
In Marge We TrustNational Motto
Mobile HomerVehicle
A Milhouse DividedSpeech
The Otto ShowExhibition
Bart StarPerson
Brake My Wife PleaseQuote
Episode TitleOriginal Title/Name/Expression etc.Type
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three TimesProverb
The Homer They FallPhrase
The Bart Wants What it WantsQuote
Like Father, Like ClownPhrase
The Lastest Gun in the WestPhrase
E Pluribus WiggumMotto
Wedding for DisasterPhrase
Goo Goo Gai PanDish
The Wizard of Evergreen TerraceNickname
Bart CarnyActor
Bart-Mangled BannerAnthem
Principal CharmingCharacter
She of Little FaithReligious Quote
Itchy & Scratchy LandTheme Park
The Burns and the BeesLesson
Home Away From HomerPhrase
I'm With CupidSlogan
Moe 'n' a LisaPainting
Lisa's Date With DensityPhrase

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